• The driver must be at least 23 years old.
  • Minimum 3 years of possessing a driver’s license – mandatory inspection.
  • Identity card or passport for inspection.
  • Mandatory cash deposit depending on the class of vehicle.


The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours).

Return of the vehicle is due at or before the expiry of the rental period (on a 24-hour basis for each day). “Easy Rent” will tolerate 60 min delay, after that we will charge additional full day.


Rental fee must be paid in full during vehicle pick-up in cash or by account transfer (legal entities) at official National Bank of Serbia middle rate. Deposit during the rental period is not required, except for certain vehicle categories and depends on the client’s credibility.


Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter. “Easy Rent” will charge for filling service in case renter returns car with less gasoline from the amount supplied. Gasoline is not included in price of car rental.


Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Serbian (SRB) Traffic Law during rental period are solely the renter’s responsibility. Renter is obligated to pay all traffic fines or parking tickets and inform “Easy Rent” . Payment services, parking and traffic fines are charged 10 EUR for each violation.


All “Easy Rent” vehicles are fully insured. The rent price includes: CDW (COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER), TP (THEFT PROTECTION), and PAI (PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE).

CDW (COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER) 10% participation in damage ( min 100 EUR )

The responsibility for the damage of the rental car and for the third person is limited by a certain maximum sum which is connected to the group of the vehicle rent. This amount is mandatory in Rental Agreement contract. This insurance is valid ONLY with the official police accident report.

CDW does not cover intentionally caused damage to wheels and/or tires, interior, exterior.

The insurance company will NOT cover the damage if the driver is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs, if intentionally causes the damage or uses the vehicle in a prohibited or negligent way e.g. driving off main roads or hiring to other parties, or where the driver was not a named driver on the rental agreement.

TP (THEFT PROTECTION) – 10% participation in damage ( min 100 EUR )

The responsibility for the theft of the vehicle or its parts – tiers, stereo device and similar – is limited by the maximal amount or percentage which is connected to the group of the vehicle. This amount is mandatory in Rental Agreement contract. This insurance is valid ONLY with the obligatory official police report along with the car keys and accompanying documents which must be handed over (returned) to the owner “Easy Rent”, by the driver / the hirer.

This insurance is not valid in case when the vehicle was unlocked or the key was left in the lock during the theft.


  • This insurance, covers the driver and all passengers in the vehicle in case of accident for the period of rental.
  • All “Easy Rent” clients have opportunity to additionally buy complete coverage insurance CCI.
  • By purchasing this insurance clients are exempted from paying the 10% fee ( or min 100 EUR) in damage which are covered by CDW and TP insurance.
  • Depending on the type of vehicle, CCI price is moving in the range of 2 EUR / day up to 6 EUR / day.


Without police report, the full amount of damage and/or theft will be charged to the client, regardless of the type of insurance purchased. Police report need be made even in cases where the client was not present during the vehicle damage (If the vehicle is damaged in a parking lot by an unidentified person).

The procedures in the case of accident, damage and theft of the vehicle

The client is obliged to do the following:

  • To immediately inform the police and “Easy Rent” about the event and to follow their instructions
  • To write down data about the other participants in the accidents
  • To fill in the report on the accident/damage when returning the vehicle
  • To write a short statement in which he/she will describe causes and circumstance in which the accident/damage occurred

All damages resulting from careless use of vehicle are not covered by any type of insurance.

Damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, underbody damage, broken and/or lost keys, lost vehicle documents, damage to the alarm,mileage pointers damage, damage caused by using the wrong type of fuel and damage caused intentionally or by negligence will be charged the full amount of the lessee of the vehicle.When the vehicle is returned, its condition will be checked by both the client and our employee and it will be compared to the condition of the vehicle at the moment of take over. Every change of the vehicle condition, i.e. all of the new damages, will be written in the rental agreement and it will be signed by both sides.

Personal belongings and luggage are not insured and do not recommend that these things are held in rented vehicle when it is parked.The registration license and rental agreement should remain with client at all times, and NOT stored inside the vehicle.

Insurance is valid in all EU countries excluded EX USSR republics.


  • It is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In these cases, insurance does not apply. The client will be charged the full amount of damage/theft.
  • Rented vehicle can be operated only by a person who is registered as a driver in the Rental Agreement. There is the possibility of adding another driver to Rental Agreement with the approval of “Easy Rent”.
  • It is forbidden to give a vehicle to the unauthorized persons, i.e. to the persons that were not signed in the contract. In these cases the contract is not valid – the client is to pay a full sum of the damage/ theft.

Rented vehicles must not be used:

  • For illegal purposes (e.g. Criminal activity, Offenses, customs and foreign exchange violations …)
  • Paid transport of passengers or goods
  • In any race, speed test or contest
  • To tow another vehicle, trailer or any of the subjects
  • When it is not in working condition
  • Driver Training

Crossing the border: Border crossing SRB is allowed with permission from the “Easy Rent”.

Unlimited mileage is only valid for the territory of Serbia and rental periods of at least 4 days (96 hours).

Night deliveries from 00h to 08h are extra charged 20 EUR .