If it is said that the image is worth 1000 words, then for the beginning of this test, a picture of Neptune's three-gauge spear is enough, which is perfectly drowning in the Maserati GranTurismo silhouette.

The Maserati people did not randomly choose the Neptunes triangle as the trademark of their cars.

Neptune is the god of the sea, and for Maserati says that God he is god on wheels.

Although he is bigger, the more difficult, "slower" than its competitors (if any), Granturismo definitely awakens special emotions when it passes by you.

The heart of this Gran Cupe makes 4.2 l V 8 atmospheres engine, made in cooperation with Ferrari, which delivers 405 hp and is paired with a six-speed automatic ZF gearbox that also has a manual mode.

As a cream on the cake, we would add a specially designed exhaust system with pneumatic valves, which when Granturismo is driving in a sports mode, produces a really scary noise (we have been driving for hours in Sports mode and it's not a pleasant feeling at all).

About the details of this car, it is compulsory to spend time. Maserati GranTurismo looks like the most beautiful, most interesting and most inspiring girl you would never want to separate with. 

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