New vehicle in Easy Rent: Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8 D4D 

 The tradition of 66 years in the construction of off-road vehicles, put us on trial, whether to test this car at all, since in the vicinity of Belgrade we did not exactly have an adequate field.

Our friends from the Hunting Association invited us to a mini off road tour in the village of Mala Moštanica, near Belgrade.


 The Toyota Land Cruiser last generation is primarily a big and robust car.

With a length of 4760 mm, a width of 1890 mm, a height of 1850 mm and a wheelbase of 2790 mm, it is clear that this is perhaps the most robust off- roader currently on the market.

Also, the Land Cruiser is "raised" 215 mm from the ground, which means that it can cross the water obstacle 70 cm deep, which is mission impossible for a large number of off -roaders.

The new 2.8 liter engine that replaced the previous 3.0 l delivers 177 hp with a torque of 450 Nm in the range of 1600 to 2400 rpm.

Considering the weight of a car of 2,200 kg and a permanent drive on all wheels, the engine is quite satisfactory.

The maximum speed of 175 km / h is achieved relatively easily, since the acceleration of 0-100 km / h is only 12.7 seconds.

It should also be taken into account that this is primarily an off-road car.


The factory says that Land Cruiser fuel consumption  is 8.4l diesel, but in real time it is about 10l on average (out of the asphalt we recorded about 12l while spending about 8l diesel on the highway.


Since we have mostly tested Land Cruiser off the road, we will give you our impressions.

In our opinion, this car has excellent driving characteristics, especially on non-road parts, as the driver has very precise feedback about what's happening beneath him.

Land Cruiser

The front has an independent suspension with double shoulders, while the rear has a four-leg suspension with Panhard's lever. Also, off-road assistance systems (Adaptive Variable suspension AVS), the entire suspension electronically controlled gives added pleasure to the inaccessible and rough terrain.

We believe that Toyota Land Cruiser justified the epitome of the best Off Roader  in the world.

 We hade no  impression that we will not go somewhere or that some obstacle will blocked us on the way. The Land Cruiser simply "mills" everything in front of you.


But in a city driving, the situation is a bit different.

The Land Cruiser is a huge car, and the city is less friendly than off-road, but far from being hard to drive.

One interesting info about this car is that its turning circle is only 11.6 meters, which is excellent for this car this size , and especially has an expression when driving inaccessible terrain and narrow mountain paths.


And for the end of this short test, we can freely say that the Toyota Land Cruiser is a car for any purpose, whether you want to drive the entire family together with relatives in a fensy restaurant (there is also a version with 7 seats), or you want to drive in the biggest snow  in one of the ski centers, or a trip to Sahara (if you are from that part of the world), this car will drive you and take you anywhere, any time without any fear that something will "break" or that you will not arrive at your destination .

This car will be available through the Operational Rent option for legal and retail customers.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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