Thanks to our partner Toyota MAG Centar doo, there is a complete Hit in the world of automotive, Toyota C-HR

After a long time, the design and conceptually brand new Toyota, finally arrived.

The C-HR (Coupe High Rider) is one of the most anticipated models in the year behind us.

toyota c-hr spolja

After a long time, the Japanese giant launched a brand new design concept, which in our opinion is total  hit.

The Toyota C-HR looks impressive, especially live, starting from the front part that looks like it wants to bite you when you are close to it, from the rear part that is completely in the coupe look .

It was built on a brand new platform taken from Prius "Toyota New Global Architecture", which in practice means that you have a crossover on the limousine platform. Why is this interesting?

In our opinion, primarily because of C-HR's behavior and impression while driving the car.

Although it has elevated clearance, but less than its competitors in the class, the C-HR behaves like a real sports while driving . In the corners, the tilting of the body almost does not exist, or really does not exist when the car is switched to the Sport mode.

When driving a little harder, the car is predictable and Japanese precise, and ESP and body control systems work perfectly.

Simply put, we had the impression that the car cannot be thrown out of the balance.

Toyota C-HR kilometraža

In order not to bother you with classic information like, length, width, height, it is not too important for this car, besides the impressive design of both the exterior and the interior, the strongest impression, that is, the Engine of this car .

The Toyota C-HR is equipped with a 1.197 cm3 engine powered by turbocharger with  variable geometry, which has 116 hp and 185 Nm of torque.

This hp may look low for a car that has about 1,400 kg but while driving, it seems to have a lot more horses, probably due to the wide range of torque availability (from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm)

Toyota C-HR is easy and nice for driving, the suspension is great, and looks like it's "tuned for our roads"

The vehicle's visibility is not bad, we say this because of the too wide C pillar, which can cause a lot of trouble to inexperienced drivers, when crossing from  lane to lane, especially while driving through the city.

The front visibility is excellent, there are no problems with maneuvers, everything is perfectly visible.

test vožnja toyota c-hr

To summarize driving impressions ... Toyota C-HR has overcome all of our expectations, starting from a low weight focus, a "sporty" suspension (rear double shoulder), more than a lively Turbo engine, excellent brakes and power steering.

In our opinion , pure 10

Also, another news that Toyota introduced in all of its models, as part of standard equipment is TSS - Toyota Safety Sense.


TSS is a set of different security systems that comprise:

-Pre-Collision System (warns of objects in front of you, vehicles and even pedestrians,the car will stop by itself in case that you don’t press the brake pedal)

-Adaptive Cruise Control (a cruise control that slows down a vehicle when you are close to the car that is slower than you in your lane, also by switching to another lane, or if the slower move to another lane , the car speeds up to the specified speed)

-Lane Departure Alert (warns you if you leave your lane and automatically moves the car in your lane  - this option is not convenient for use in the city)

-Automatic High Beam - automatic light activation, as well as long lights during night-time driving)

- Road Sign Assist - (a very useful option for everyday driving, the display always shows a speed limit)

Also, the tested model was equipped with the S-IPA (Simple Intelligent Park Assist) system - very useful for inexperienced drivers during parking. The vehicle just park  to the "found parking spot"

Videos of these Systems can be viewed on our FB page

So to summarize, there is a great crossover ahead of us, which gave the competition a serious task.


toyota za iznajmljivanje



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