This time, on our test, we found a very interesting and above all, a quality car.

It's the latest generation Toyota Avensis .

The Easyrent team headed for the beautiful Bratislava, and we visited several other towns, so we will try to give you our impressions from the road.

For the start few technical details about this car.

The Toyota Avensis D4D is 4.75 m long, 1.81 m wide and 1.48 m high.

The model we tested was equip  with a diesel engine, "borrowed from BMW, 1.997 cm2, delivering 143 hp at 4,000 rpm with 320 Nm of torque.

For such a big car, the engine may not look adequately, but in reality its more than adequate.

Without any problems, the Avensis riches to a maximum speed of 200 km / h with exceptionally low fuel consumption.

On our 2,000-kilometer test,the  Avensis fuel consumption was average 6.2 liters of diesel, although we drove it really fast.

Also, our model is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense systems (vehicle warning in front of you, warning if you get out of your lane, traffic signs, as well as switching the mode of long and short lights during night driving.)

A particularly useful option is the detection of vehicles in front of you, which, when moving your vehicle to another vehicle in front of your vehicle, and you do not press the brake, your vehicle will stop completely or partially. This option is accompanied by a light and acoustic signaling Brake, which blinks on board computer.

These options are useful both in city traffic and in longer journeys.

The ergonomics of the Toyota Avensis is really great, starting from huge space in the cabin, to the luggage compartment which is really huge.

A path of some 2,000 km, we can say that we really did not feel, since Avensis is a truly road cruiser.

Speed really does not feel, since the cabin noise is minimal, the car is well behaved in all speed regimes , and driver don’t have the feeling that do not control the vehicle.

Also, in city streets, Avensis is doing more than good, given its size and a bit tilted roof slope from the front side.

All in all, the Toyota Avensis is an excellent family car, which is designed for rational drivers, whose performance in the curves are not a priority (there are other brands like Audi and BMW, although the price is quite different), a 5 year warranty and unlimited mileage talk about the quality of Toyota cars.

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