This time on our test,we will show very  interesting Yaris,Its Toyota Yaris 1,33 Multidirve S with B Tone + package.


The differences between this Yaris and the regular model are quite visible, given that the model with this package of equipment besides  two colors on the body (white pearl in combination with black-we think this is the most beautiful combination) have LED daytime running lights, 16-inch alloy wheels and tinted rear windows.


The interior also differs, and the most striking details are the black roof cover + black sun blinds (which we especially liked), sports seats with quite good side supports, we think a better audio system also.



Considering that this Yaris have the Multidrive S automatic transmission with seven-speed, the driver have the option to change the gear with shifters behind the steering wheel, but also the steering wheel itself is different than in the regular  model.


From the aesthetic details we would add, the 16-inch alloy wheels, and the disc brakes in the rear with Toyota's logo (very interesting detail).


From the drivers side and everyday use of this car, everything is in place, precise, quality, with plenty of "accessories" that make driving a lot easier and especially parking.

It should be noted that all Toyota vehicles as part of the standard equipment have a parking camera, which helps a lot in parking, but certainly do not rely solely on it.


There is also a dual-zone air conditioning, as well as a cruise control, which makes driving easier on the highway.

The audio system has many options, from connecting the phone (Bluetooth options for phone, mail, and music) to adjusting various vehicle parameters. These options also have other Toyota models.

A well-known  1.33 cm2 engine delivering 99 hp in combination with the Multidrive S transmission works perfectly, and Yaris provides very decent performance. We have to emphasize that this is not a sports car, and that potential drivers do not expect too much.


Although this Yaris has Sport mode, there are no special driving differences, except increased noise, as the engine rotates in high revs.

The Multidrive S automatic transmission works perfectly  and gear  changes are practically imperceptible.

Although we tested this Yaris relatively shortly (just a few days), the impressions are quite positive.

The car is very attractive, it's quite nice and easy to drive, and fuel consumption is quite good.

In the combined mode, although more in the city, we recorded a consumption of 7.4 l per 100 km, which in our opinion is quite ok.


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