Easyrent rent a car Belgrade has added to its offer another Hybrid vehicle.

This time we will introduce the Toyota Yaris Hybrid.


At first glance, it looks the same as the "ordinary Yaris", the difference is only in the Toyota logo that is on the Hybrid models with light blue color, Hybrid on the wings and back, and on the instrument panel that does not have a classic odometer.


Considering that the Toyota brand is widely known as the most reliable and largest car manufacturer in the world, there is no need to write too much praise about the quality of this car's production, we are moving to a specific thing, which is a Hybrid drive.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is equipped with two “engines”, a gasoline engine of 1497 cc, delivering 75 hp at 4800 rpm and a 61 hp electric motor, giving Yaris a total combined power of exactly 101 hp

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is equipped with a CVT automatic transmission, which is also available in the "regular" Yaris

What makes the Yaris Hybrid different from the ordinary model is certainly fuel consumption.


The driving characteristics of both models - (we also tested the Yaris with a 1.33 engine and a CVT gearbox) differ, although not drastically, while the fuel consumption is a completely different story.

Yaris 1.33 with 99 hp and CVT gearbox on our test (Test of this model you will have the opportunity to read in another topic) recorded a 7.5 liters per 100 km, while Hybrid recorded only 4.6 liters per 100 km.


Hybrid and ordinary Yaris driving conditions were not exactly identical - we drove Hybrid out of town, while ordinary Yaris drove more in the city, but fuel consumption should not be much different. We think that Hybrid spend a lot less fuel if it only drives in the city and on short distances.


The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is the ideal car for businesses that travel the longer milages in urban driving conditions, the city rush is the ideal terrain for the Yaris Hybrid.

All Legal Entities  - Companies have the opportunity, through Operational Rent, to lease this car and see the quality and great savings they can make on the fuel consumption.

Easyrent is currently the only Car Rental in Belgrade that offers Hybrid vehicles, which are suitable for the Legal Entities through Operational Rent.

We invite all interested clients to contact us in order to show them the advantages of Hybrid vehicles in everyday business.