Thanks to our partner Toyota New Belgrade MAG Centar d.o.o, we were able to test the Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid.

At first glance, an impressive car. We can freely say, that it has nothing to do with the previous model, this is simply a very serious SUV.


But let's start at the beginning.

The vehicle is equipped with a regular four-cylinder petrol engine of 2.5 l which is paired with two electric motors (we drive a 4x4 version) and a maximum power of 197 hp delivers at 4400-4800 rpm

Also, an automatic CVT  gearbox with 6 speeds is in, which changes the gears so smooth, that you really do not have an idea of what gear you are in. Simply changing gears do not feel at all.

There is also a manual gear change option, but for this type of vehicle, it's not needed at all.


The cabin space offer is truly impressive, from the front seats that are very comfortable and comfortable to the rear bench, which can be adjusted to the slope.

Our subjective feeling is that Rav 4 is the most comfortable car in the class.


A 500 l luggage compartment is large enough to put everything you need into it, the floor is flat and the hatch itself is quite large, so there's no problem packing things.

It can also be increased by cutting back seats to 1054 and 1633 l

What was most interesting to us in the test was the driving and behavior of the car itself.

The car starts with the push of a button (it has a keyless go system) and then you are ready to drive.


Since the petrol engine is not at all active when starting the car, there are no noises or vibrations, it takes a little time to get used to the silence in the cabin.

When driving, the car uses an electric motor, but only if you are moving slowly and evenly adding the gas. If you want to move more quickly, a petrol engine is activated.

The drive itself is a combination of the operation of an electric and gasoline engine and is saturated with the enjoyment of driving such a car. Noise in the cabin is virtually non-existent in urban driving conditions, where Rav 4 Hybrid achieves the highest savings in fuel consumption.

Rav 4 Hybrid is a very versatile and easy-to-use car for driving.

On the highway, the Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid also achieves a great interacelerations. Although we did not want Rav to push to the limit, it seems that the interacelerations  from 110 to 170 make it in a very short time.

In the highway driving conditions the Rav 4 Hybrid it's certainly not economical since the Hybrid drive has no function.


All in all, what surprised us most is fuel consumption, which is really mixed driving conditions (we passed about 400 km) was just 6.1 liters per 100 km.

And finally, our conclusion is that the Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid is a truly impressive car that gives the driver a specific feeling and incredible driving enjoyment.

Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid will be available in Easyrent Rent a Car Belgrade for rentals exclusively for Legal Entities - Companies, through Operational Rent.

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