Hybrid vehicle – Big savings

A growing number of corporations in the world, instead of the classic, use Hybrid cars.

The reasons are numerous, from the eco standards and subsidies that the States give for the use of such cars, quiet and easy driving, corporate eco-friendly image, to the essence, which is fuel consumption and cost reduction.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Corporations that using cars to carry out everyday tasks very easily and simply can calculate the profitability of hybrid vehicles.

2016 Toyota Auris Hybrid

The average corporate car from the B or C segment (VW Polo, Renault Clio, Škoda Fabia) in Serbia per month exceeds 6,000 km.

If we take an average consumption of 6 l per 100 km, we come at a calculation of about 47,000 rsd fuel consumption per month per car.

For comparison, the average Hybrid car consumes about 4.5 l per 100 km

Fuel savings, taking the example above on a monthly basis per car, are around 12,000 rsd.

Depending on the brands of the vehicle you are using, savings on an annual basis can be significant.

Easy Rent Rent a car Belgrade is the first rental car in the region that offers hybrid cars Toyota Yaris, Auris and Rav 4.

rav4 hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are exclusively for legal entities and long-term rentals.

We invite all Companies using the Operational Rent Services to contact us for more information and rental terms.

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