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Usually, you need to rent a car as the last option. Your new car is out of order, or a car that you leave to a service to replace the oil has to stay in the service for a week, because they do not have a part, or your steering wheel is unsafe to drive. What then will you do the next day? Pay a taxi from Belgrade to Subotica and then to Kragujevac, drive by train, by bus, and delay at any possible meeting? And what to do when you need to rent a car on Sunday night, because your friend crush your car, and you have to go on a journey? It does not matter that I personally urgently needed a rent a car in Belgrade, but it is very important that I praise the Easy Rent Car Rental, which was expressly provided me the car, and the owner personally drove the car to my home address. I really had to share this with you. Especially because Easy rent, domestic, Serbian Rent a Car is not a multinational franchise with thousands of cars. I am glad that there is one such car rental in Belgrade, Serbia, and I can certainly recommend it to you, I think that I owe you so much because I am sure dear readers, that you also happen to happen unforeseen circumstances like me. If you urgently need Rent a car call 065/510 - 4923, I hope you will be satisfied as well as me.

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Easy Rent is the most profitable Rent A Car I've ever met. It was surprising to me that Easy rent exists less than two years and already has loyal customers. Trust is difficult to build, but obviously, the owner of Easyrent believes that each client should be treated like a VIP client.

The truth of my financial ability is not great, so I got Škoda Fabia, but she also served me immensely and in the following days I did everything I needed. In the end, I paid the rent of five days as if renting a car for three days, and that was just incredible to me.

You do not have this level of service, such as favorable prices, anywhere in Belgrade. If you have had a similar experience, share it on this site, because I think that a good car rental company should always boast and advertise.

Since I am very impressed with the service of this Rent a Car, I decided to get to know the owner a bit better, and I made a small interview with him, in an attempt to get to know the owners' idea of being so professional.

I met the owner of Renta and the car rental Company Easy Rent from Belgrade, Mr. Vojislav Dimic, who introduced me to the way Car Hire Service works in Serbia, and why every client treated as he treated me, as VIP client, even when you have a small budget.

Rent a Car is a very interesting topic that I have not written before, and I think it can be useful to all my readers since everybody needs car rentals for once.

- Mr. Dimic, how do you see Rent a car industry, what kind of problems do you encounter, what advice you give to clients who use your services?

- First of all, thank you for visiting our company and rental you close with us. Rent a car is a fairly popular branch of the auto industry since almost every active driver has or will have a need for Rent a Car from time to time.

Problems in this branch of the auto industry are numerous but would separate the risk of evasion, which is, unfortunately, more and more year after year. Simply for this type of risk, there is no unbeatable defense model. To make it clear, evasion is the operation in which the client rent a car and did not return

Our largest wholesaler for rent a car service has created an active archive with the so-called blacklist where all the people who have ever carried out the car's evasion, and I can tell you that the archive is quite large.

Also, rent a car firms exchange information on the subject.

- How to protect yourself from evasion, are the vehicles insured?

-Of course, they are insured, but if you happen to be evacuated, this will create additional costs.

First, one car comes out of the fleet and the revenue you bring is impossible to make up for.

Second, insurance premiums are less than the real value of the vehicle since they are estimated by the AMS catalog

And thirdly, and most importantly, you increase the insurance premium for the next year, which directly affects the rental price and vehicle depreciation, and hence the potential income

- Well, these are quite complex things, I thought it was much easier, you bought cars, rented them, and they bring you revenue.

- Many thought so and they closed the firms before they opened them.

Behind all this, you have to have precise math, the price of depreciation, the cost of parked cars, etc., there are a lot of things to consider.

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-How you operate, who are your target groups?

-We see that we do business primarily with legal entities that we offer the so-called operating rent, something similar to leasing. For now, we are pleased with how it works.

We also work with individuals for which we have vehicles from B and C segments.

So far we have serviced a large number of clients and there were no major problems. We look to be as flexible as possible as our relationship with clients is very important. And you were satisfied, did not you?

We provide each client with all the details in advance, so as not to cause any confusion if something happens. We are not a company that will charge you bump or minor stretch, but we certainly do not allow bad behavior with the vehicles.

All our vehicles have GPS devices that detect speed, engine rpm, temperature, and similar parameters through which we can determine where, when and how the customer drove the car.

And in the end, what we advise to all current and future users of car rental services is to mandatorily inspect the car during the takeover, to ask details about their rights and obligations, and to clarify any concerns they have, if any.

- Thank you very much for your time, I will surely use your services again.

-Thanks to you at the conversation, and I'll see you again on some occasion


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